Enbloc lamella settlers SLM Chiariflus®

For what purpose?

To speed up the sedimentable solids precipitation through the lamella packs inside the tank.

What advantages?

  • All the advantages of the lamella packs
  • The containing tank can be made of painted carbon steel/Aisi 304L stainless steel / AISI 316L stainless steel
  • No civil works or authorizations are required
  • Modular system

Where are they used?

  • For the clarifying of primary and final urban water
  • For the clarifying of drinking water
  • For the clarifying of industrial processing water
  • For the clarifying of rinse water in general

both for new plants and for the upgrade of existing plants.

What are Chiariflus® distinctive features?

  • Very sturdy construction
  • The perimetric longitudinal flanging divides the tank in two parts and allows an easy carriage by standard means of transport. See hereafter some possible types of load

Load on trailer

Load on road train

Load on truck

Upper part on a 40′ OT ctr

Bottom part on a 40′ OT ctr

  • The incoming influent is uniformly distributed and balanced