Chiariflus® lamella settlers

Chiariflus® lamella settlers

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For what purpose?

To speed up precipitation of settling solids

What advantages?

  • Improved settling efficiency, compared with traditional systems
  • Smaller areas required
  • Modular system
  • Easy management
  • Saving on plant running and maintenance costs
  • Large amount of water recovery in some types of processing

Where are they used?

  • Primary and final urban water clarifying
  • Drinking water clarifying
  • Industrial processing water clarifying
  • Rinse water clarifying

both in new plants and in already existing ones for upgrading


What are Chiariflus® lamella settlers’ distinctive features?

  • The best structural resistance, thanks to their unique manufacture
  • The peculiar shape of the ducts, which enables an easy mud discharge and enhances the clarifying performance
  • Short time and low costs for installation, with or without stainless steel perimeter frame
  • Exclusive ducts assembly system, so easy to enable their construction directly in the place of use.
  • The customized dimensions, according to specific requirements