Innovation in water purification

Innovation in water purification

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Solutions for sustainability of the water cycle

Purifying urban and industrial waste water is not only one step of water cycle itself due to its anthropogenic use. Purifying water is the answer to manufacturing requirements and law regulation. But for Allegri Ecologia it is most of all a challenge. We look for increasingly evolved solutions to our Customers’ multiple requirements of environmental sustainability for their activities. Treating water to give it back clean to environment, this is the mission of our company.

Research and Development, our vision of water treatment

Private and public companies have to treat/use water for different goals, in specific productions, in different contexts. Setting up a purification plant is an important economic and environmental policy investment for a company. That’s why our team, with great skill and experience, is constantly working on the research and development of new products to optimize water purification and treatment process. Starting from design drawing, through the realization of prototypes and pilot plants, we develop increasingly better solutions in terms of efficiency, reliability and lifetime.

3D printed prototypes

An important part of our R&D activity is dedicated to advanced prototyping. After studying and drawing every single product or component, we create it in a smaller format by means of a 3D printer. In this way we get a product that perfectly matches reality. This allows to share each functional detail with our Customer and to refine our equipments at the top.