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Lamella packs for sedimentation and water clarification

Lamella packs are modular structures efficiently employed in water clarification. They speed up settling and oil separation processes and allow space saving and cost-cutting. They can be easily used to increase flow-rate and performance. Allegri Ecologia produces lamella packs with many benefits as compared with traditional static systems. Thanks to our experience in water treatment plants and to our continuous research, we have achieved to optimize the lamella packs performance and to increase their strength and lifetime.

Patented innovation

Chiariflus® lamella packs

Our lamella packs are patented. They are composed of fitted and self-supporting ducts. They are very resistant and strong. We can offer different models as for tilt and size, with customized dimensioning according to each case. Our lamella packs are made of PVC or PS in accordance with the intended use. These materials comply with the most restrictive standards. PVC offers many advantages: mechanical strength, resistance to chemical and biological attack, it is self-extinguishing and fire-resistant, hydrophilic and light. Chiariflus® lamella packs can be supplied with stainless steel perimeter frame and all the necessary carpentry.

Customizable and easy to assemble

Chiariflus CI® features

Allegri Ecologia produces different models of lamella packs, according to each requirement of water treatment.
The latest and most innovative product is Chiariflus CI® lamella pack.

Optimal design

The smooth and uniform ducts, all the same length and round bottom, help sludge sliding improving performance. No clogs occur, and the compartment operation is potentially limitless.

Self supporting system

The assembled ducts form a sturdy and non-deformable body. Therefore, the lack of perimeter frame cuts costs and permits the use even in situations where steel is not recommended, such as desalination plants.

Exclusive Easy Block assembling

The developed assembling system does not require any specific device. The assembling is quick and simple and can also be carried out on the spot, thus saving in transport and manpower costs.


Lamella packs are modular, so they can be dimensioned according to the requirements of the specific plant. They are easy to move and always deliverable from the clarification tank thanks to a specific coupling device, even without perimeter frame.

Our lamella packs benefits

Small footprint

Electric power consumption saving

Overhead and maintanance costs saving

Simple management

Minimisation of wind and temperature changes effects

Recycle of a large proportion of water

Private and industrial installations

Lamella packs applications

Chiariflus® lamella packs are used in primary, secondary and tertiary treatments.
They apply in physical/chemical treatments, drinking water plants, sedimentation plants and in oil separation treatments. They are both used in civil and industrial sector, in new facilities or in existing plants, in case of water flow-rate increase, rising population or industrial process water increase.