Chiariflus® lamella oil separators

Chiariflus® lamella oil separators

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For what purpose?

To enhance the physical aggregation of oil drops in the liquid to be treated, favouring their floating.


What advantages?

  • Better performance than static traditional systems
  • Small area required
  • Modular sysytem
  • Easy running
  • Saving on plant management and maintenance costs
  • In many cases they allow the recirculation of great part of processing water

Where are they used?

  • For industrial processing water treatment
  • For the rehabilitation of polluted sites
  • For the clarifying of rinse water in general

What are Chiariflus® distinctive features?

  • Maximum structural strength
  • The peculiar shape of the ducts , which allows a higher performance
  • Customized size according to the specific requirement
  • They can also be supplied complete with containing tank (enbloc model)
  • The system can be completed with a special polyurethane foam absorbent filter, to hold possible residual little traces of oil and grease