RBD Biological disk rotors

RBD Biological disk rotors

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For what purpose?

Biological oxidazing treatment of urban and industrial waste water


What advantages?

  • Actuation speed: takes place within 10-12 days
  • Self-regulating operation: the bacteria colony which grows up on the disks partially submerged in the wastewater, thanks to the slow rotation, can absorb oxygen and be fed with the necessary amount of air and nutrients (self-adjustment property)
  • Very low running costs: there’s no need of qualified personnel. Energy consumption is drastically reduced
  • Small footprint: a reduced area is required to install biological rotors and even the final sedimentation basin will be smaller
  • No fumes and no aerosol effect
  • No noise

Where are they used?

  • New systems: full treatment or roughing for load reduction by 50-90%
  • Existing systems: process upgrading with low energy consumption and small footprint
  • Phytopurification plants: an oxidizing phase introduced upstream the vegetal one, by means of RBD® Biological Rotors, will drastically reduce the area occupied by the whole treatment plant

What are RBD® Biological Rotors distinctive features?

  • The best structural resistance, thanks to their unique manufacture
  • Modular system: disks composing each RBD Rotor are divided in easily interchangeable sectors, so that we can develop different active biological surfaces and increase, if requested, the active biological surface simply changing the modular sections
  • The customized dimensions, according to specific requirements