Industrial water treatment and purification

Industrial water treatment and purification

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Industrial water

Industrial water treatment falls under the legal obligations towards environment protection and water resources, as well as quality of water intended for direct and indirect consumption.
Water is actually used as component in the industrial production process, such as in food or pharmaceuticals. It can be an ingredient of produced goods or can be used in equipments and devices that make production work or serve it (cooling systems, heaters, etc.).
During production cycle, besides, the generated industrial waste water may be contaminated and polluted in varying degrees
For both uses water treatment and purification is required. Allegri Ecologia produces components and equipments for clarification and purification which are used in the industrial water treatment plants.


Regulation for industrial water

The relevant legislation concerning industrial water is contained in the consolidated law for the protection of environment and water, the Legislative decree nr. 152/06. Water coming from process in farms and industries are taken to surface water or to the sewage system and can be sometimes assimilated to urban waste water. Pollutant content limits are established that may thus require different kinds of treatment: mechanical, chemical-physical, disinfectant.


Scope of treatment

Industrial water treatment can be made upstream of the production cycle or downstream, depending on whether water serves production or has to be cleaned after production.
Industrial water treatment consists of a purification process to clean water from sediment and pollutant. These can be fats, oils, fibres, toxic substances, metals.

Industrial waste water treatment

It is the purification that aims at giving back clean water to the sewage system or to the target surface water.

Water treatment for the re-use in the industrial production cycle

In some industrial sectors, water is part of the produced good. For this reason, it must comply with different degrees of purity, hygiene, safety, even sterility.

Treatment for the re-use of industrial water

Once used, water can be cleaned to be recirculated in the production cycle.


Allegri Ecologia for clean industrial water

Allegri Ecologia produces equipments for the different treatment stages of water used by industries in their working processes: filtration plants, sedimentation and clarification, biological oxidation, flotation.
Allegri Ecologia designs and produces lamella packs settlers, oil seperators, disk biological rotors, filtration plants, flotation units that are used in the water treatment plants of all the main industrial sectors.
Allegri Ecologia decades of experience ensure the proper dimensioning of the plants according to the specific funcional use, to the waste water features and to the variability of the used water volume.

In the food industry, along the whole supply chain, water is an essential resource starting from irrigation in agricolture to the food products processing, as an ingredient or as an element involved in the processing. Its potability and organoleptic properties have to be granted.

The wastewater of a dairy or a milk processing farm depends on the working stages of the products, as well as on the cleaning of equipments and rooms.

Fish processing provides waste water which is mainly contaminated by organic substances and production waste, but also by substances coming from washing and sanitization of workspace.

Water used in textile factories provides waste that can be polluted by da grease, oils, dyes, chemical substances. Water purification can permit an efficient re-use in the production cycle.

Due to leather manufacturing processes, the waste water of a tanning industry is produced in large volumes and with many organic pollutants and chemical substances.

In pharmaceutical and chemical sector, water is used as diluent, solvent, liquid sospension, but also to wash equipments and for the plants circuits, as vapour too.


Advantages for factories: water treatment is convenient

Water treatment is not always and only a legal obligation, but a resource saving opportunity and rationalization. It is a value establishment that makes a factory responsible and virtuous.

  • Environment protection is an added value to be reported to customers, suppliers, stakeholders.
  • Thanks to water treatment, factories save in precious and expensive water resources.
  • Water saving means energy saving and lower fixed costs.
  • Thanks to the Allegri Ecologia compact technology, facilities take up less room; this means smaller land consumption and lower infrastructure costs.