MP FLOT Flotation Unit

MP FLOT Flotation Unit

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For what purpose?

Chemical-physical removal of suspended solids, oil, grease, fibers and other low-density materials.


What advantages?

  • Very high efficiency
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small and easy maintenance
  • Transportable sizes

Where are they used?

  • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, as:
    • Pre-treatment, upstream biological stage
    • Downstream biological unit, for final clarifying
    • Sole treatment, when a further purification is not requested
  • Drinking water treatment, for urban and industrial use

What are MP Flot distinctive features?

  • Highly adaptable and effective
  • Available in different models, sizes and features, to satisfy any requirements
  • Available in MP TWIN FLOT special version, to combine different kind of treatment in the same plant