Urban and industrial water treatment plants

We design and install new water treatment plants and enhance already existing ones. We deal with engineering companies, integrated water service managing companies, private and public companies to face the most different urban and industrial wastewater treatment requirements. Each time we study customized treatment plants according to the peculiar Customer’s needs.

Advantages of our water treatment technologies

Highest performance, low running costs, low footprint are the results of our constant commitment in optimizing technological equipments. Our products for water purification differ in manufacturing features, efficiency, simple management, durability.

Types of treated water

Our water treatment equipments are used for different kinds of water and different goals: urban and industrial waste water treatment, drinking water, purified water reuse.

  • Domestic and industrial waste water: it is residual water coming from homes or from industrial processing. It must be treated before being put back into environment or reused.
  • Primary water: it is water coming from natural sources such as rivers, lakes,  wells. It must be purified too before being used in manufacturing sector or sent to drinking water treatment .
  • Meteoric and first rains water: it is water coming from rainfall that must be treated in certain situations and conditions, when there is risk of pollution.

Products for each stage of water purification cycle

Our products are intended for the different stages of the ecological water purification cycle, in primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

Our equipments are employed in the following water treatment processes:

Oil separation

Oil separation is one of the water purification processes. Its goal is to remove grease and oils from water to prepare it to the subsequent treatments, especially to biological oxidation, as oils prevent biological substances from binding with oxygen.


Chiariflus® lamella oil separators are successfully used in oil separation plants.

Primary sedimentation

Sedimentation plants are bound to collect part of the sedimentable solids suspended in water. Clarification or sedimentation takes place inside specifically designed tanks. The water flow must follow the right paths to permit the completion of the planned sedimentation stage. Then, specific systems allow to remove the settled sludge.

Allegri Ecologia produces patented lamella settlers that speed up the clarification process, also in enbloc version to reduce the occupied space.

Biological oxidation plants

Biological oxidation is based on a natural water purification system thanks to bacterial micro-organisms that remove organic substances. Especially,  biological oxidation is to supply oxygen to stimulate bacterial activity. The resulting sludge then settles in the following stage.

Our biological disk rotors are patented: high performance, activation speed, self-sustaining process.

Secondary sedimentation plants

Secondary sedimentation allows the solid – liquid separation after biological treatment. Purified water flows out to the exit whereas settled sludge is conveyed as recirculation ahead of oxidation or as redundant sludge to the waste disposal.

The lamella pack technology of our settlers has several benefits. Browse our ‘Products’ pages to further develop.

Flotation plants

Flotation is a separation technique of suspended solids based on physical-chemical reactions. Thanks to air staging, the substances that have to be separated from liquid are forced to aggregate into air bubbles that float on the liquid surface.

Our dissolved air flotation units ensure high performance, easy set up, small maintenance.

Filtering plants

In water purification, filtering is to intercept solid suspended substances. There are different water filtration techniques according to the size of the elements that have to be removed and to the purpose of use of treated water. Among these, mechanical filtration by metal or synthetic filters.

Big flow-rates, small space required, automatic operation, many fields of application.