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Chiariflus® lamella system evolves into excellence at convenient conditions

New Lamella Pack Chiariflus ® CI model, specifically patented, is the best solution for a lamella clarification process, as for structural resistance and  performances. Moreover, thanks to a new manufacturing process, we can provide our lamella equipment at really competitive price, offering at the same time an excellent quality product.

Chiariflus® Lamella Pack CI model is made of joinable  tubular ducts, which have exclusive features and several advantages:

  • Exclusive shape to optimize sludge discharge
  • “Easy block” exclusive assembly technology, by which lamella packs can be assembled without any specific devices, therefore very easily and in a very short time
  • Tubular ducts can be provided also unpacked, to be joined together on-site
  • Self-standing system: tubular ducts blocked together set up a very strong, crushproof equipment with a long-lasting mechanical resistance, also without containing frame
  • Modularity and easy handling of the equipment

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